Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Aaaaand once again, I have to say...brb.

I'm really annoyed at how frequently these mini-hiatuses are popping up. But ever since I did a photo shoot of my friends' daughter, the requests have been coming in like mad from family and friends. Baby photos, family photos, engagement photos, maternity and newborn shoots...I'm starting to really branch out my photography from a little hobby to a potential part-time side gig. When a friend emailed me today to ask if I could do her and her fiancé's engagement photos in October, I looked at my calendar and was stunned to tell her I only had two days available!

So what with several photo shoots, editing said photos and working on my woefully neglected wedding crafts, I am going to scale back temporarily from 2-3 posts a week to probably just one. I thought about just shuttering this ol' thing altogether, but honestly, I don't want to miss out on the little community and bloggy friends I've made. Plus, the self-obsessed side of me wants to hang on until at least after the wedding...I'm sure I'll want to post nonstop about the big day after it's over and everyone I know IRL is sick of hearing about it ;)

TL;DR - You might be seeing less of me in the next few weeks, but I'm not going anywhere yet!

Also, I just want to take a second to send some much-deserved gratitude to Ally, without whose generosity my interest in photography would never have brought me to this point. Allycat, you are a wonderful friend and I owe you, big-time :)

Finally, if anyone's interested in checking out the photo shoots I've done recently, you can see them all over here.


  1. Back at ya! So happy to hear your hobby is turning into a part-time profession. As word spreads of your growing talent, the line will form.
    And smart move to cut back on blogging without closing shop. You'll want to keep the door open for occasional posts and, later on, I'm sure you'll return with more frequency. Blogging is elastic.

  2. P.S., Checked out and love the photos. Great idea to put Marley next to a mirror. BTW, can I borrow her outfit?!

  3. Thank you! The mirror was all her mom's idea, but I love how it turned out. I can ask about the outfit, but something tells me it might be a wee bit small ;) And thanks too for the Halloween card...definitely brightened an otherwise blah day.

  4. YAY! Oh man, I was just asked to take photos of my cousin at the end of the month (they are eloping), but hopefully you can make something of it, it sounds like you already are! Thanks for the update! :D


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