Monday, September 29, 2014

Budgeting Bloggers: September

So as I've said before, my spending has been a wee bit...shall we say, extravagant, these last few months. I blame wedding planning; after you start shelling out hundreds or a thousand dollars at a time for things like deposits and wedding dresses, a few $30 clothing or makeup purchases seem like nothing at all. But they add up, and when they're added to all those wedding purchases,'s bad. So this month, I tried really hard to not buy any clothes. I *almost* made it.


Merona maxi skirt via Target. I love my gray one SO MUCH that I had a complete moment of weakness while picking up a friend's bridal shower gift one weekend. I may have accidentally purchased the juniors version, but it fits so okay then? | $17.99 {exact?}

But that's it! One item! I'm debating whether to continue my shopping ban into October, but truth be told, I could really use some new boots. A pair of winter boots — something waterproof and lined for those wet, cold waits at the bus stop when it gets too cold to scooter to work — and a pair of stylish cognac boots to replace the pair I wore through last winter. The latter could probably wait until November; I have a pair of crappy galoshes and thick socks to tide me until the real snow comes. But if I find a pair of great cognac boots on sale in October, well, I'm not making any promises!


  1. Congrats on just purchasing one item! I'd say that's a successful month! It does skew your vision when you're spending a ton of money on other things.

  2. Buy the boots. Life is short and Winter's coming. The skirt is cute!

  3. If that's not the best justification for boots, I don't know what is ;)

  4. Thanks! Have to try to remember to look at the positive side of it (only one item!), not the negative (ugh I bought something) :)


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