Monday, May 2, 2011

Beautiful digital photography

Sorry for the late post today! I get these awful tension/sinus/migraine headaches, and a lovely one set in late Saturday night (during dinner, actually). It grew progressively worse over the weekend, and this morning was nearly unbearable. These things don't really respond to any over the counter medicines I've tried, so I took the day off work and slept until around two or three. Even now, I'm only just starting to feel better, but I figure I'm at least well enough to share these awesome photos with you guys :)

Anyway, whiny session over. I was introduced to Jamie Beck's work via Tidbit Du Jour, while going through my blogroll last week. And I fell absolutely, one hundred percent, head-over-heels in love with her work. Mrs. F of Tidbit Du Jour used the term "smitten," which I may have to adapt. I am smitten.

Apparently, Jamie Beck takes photos and turns them into GIFs, which she calls cinemagraphs. Clearly, these aren't the annoying, jumping, flashing graphics of the early 2000s. These are true works of art. Check out more of her enchanting photos (still and animated) at her blog, From Me To You. A lot of the shots are related to fashion in some way, and there are some stunning shots of gorgeous Christian Louboutin shoes. Drool. (Only interested in the cinemagraphs? Click here.)


  1. Thank yo uso much Emma for your support and sharing our work with your readers!



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