Monday, May 16, 2011

One more, I suppose

I thought I'd give you guys an actual original post today as well, rather than just re-posting stuff that Blogger ate. Hey, I try to be a responsible blogger :)

Dress/tunic thing: Figleaf in Athens, OH

Tank: Walmart, I think?
Tights: No idea
Shoes: Mossimo via Target
Earrings: My friend's shop on Etsy

Sorry for not having the details on most of this outfit. The tank and the tights were both purchased ages ago, as was most of the basic half of my wardrobe...tees, tights, tanks, jeans, etc. But let me tell you all about these earrings. My friend Kree makes jewelry and sells it in her shop on Etsy. She names a lot of her jewelry after women in her life, and guess what she called these earrings? That's right. These are the Emma earrings! She gave them to me as a going-away present when I left Panera for my current job.

Kree's jewelry is always gorgeous and she uses really high quality materials. And she puts a LOT of time and effort into everything she makes. Go on, check out her shop! And if you live here in Columbus, stop by Accent on Nature in Grandview to see some more of her work.

(Thinking about asking Kree if she'd be interested in a giveaway at some point, maybe when I have a few more followers. Would you enter? Let me know!)


  1. I love those earrings!

    Also, did it hurt getting your lip pierced?
    I've been wanting my septum done for a while but I'm scared!

    And yes! Giveaways are always fun! :D

  2. Actually, my lip was the least painful piercing of the 8 I have. I barely felt it! I would think a septum might hurt a's cartilage, and the nose is a little sensitive. But even then, it only hurts for a second. And when you bump it too hard, lol


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