Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth of July!

I knew, going into this 30x30 challenge, that weekends would be difficult for me. I’m the kind of person who likes to laze around on the weekends. Saturday, I didn’t get dressed until 9 pm. That’s right, I wore my PJs for the vast majority of the day. Am I embarrassed of that fact? Not in the slightest.

Since Matt and I decided to meet a few friends at the bar Saturday evening, I changed out of my PJs and into this simple little number. I love the tank top-jeans-heels feels very America’s Next Top Model. (You know how, during the judgement phase, Tyra seems to prefer the models to wear simple outfits like this? You mean you don't all watch ANTM marathons on weekends? Really?) Doesn’t hurt that these heels make me an even 6 feet tall ;)

items: 14, 15, 30
necklace: The Limited
clutch: Laura Arens

I also decided to combine corniness, trendiness and patriotism in my manicure. (The trendy is the one nail painted different…I really like it!) Painting my nails for the holidays always makes me feel a little corny/silly, but I figure, that’s half the fun, right?

Yesterday, we’re going with some friends to the lake. One of them has a little Airstream know, those silver bubble-looking things. Technically, it’s his parents, but they let us all crash there on the weekends. They have a platoon boat too, so we basically just grab some beers (wine in my case, I’m classy like that) and float around on the water all day.

Matt and I usually sleep in our tent, since the camper is pretty tiny. But since we’re car camping, we bring tons of extra blankets and whatnot to sleep on, so it’s actually pretty comfy.

But this trip meant I didn't wear any of my 30 items yesterday. They’re just not lake-and-sleeping-in-a-tent-quality. But I’ll probably double up with two outfits in one day again, or I’ll just stretch the challenge and end it a day or two later than everyone else. I’m loving the flexibility of it!

Tonight we're going to a Fourth party, so I'll have another outfit to post in the morning. Maybe tonight, if I'm not completely exhausted. Until then... :)

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