Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Everybody, Everywear: DIY

I almost forgot about this month's EBEW! Well, I did forget about it until I was getting dressed this morning, at which point I hastily grabbed this dress I made a few months ago. It's one of those convertible/infinity dresses, with the five-foot-long straps that can be twisted to form almost any dress style imaginable. Only...well, it didn't turn out as well as I had hoped.

The waistband is a complete disaster. The straps aren't sewed quite right. And the skirt is longer in the back than in the front. But it's a first attempt, and if you wrap it a certain way (i.e., this way) you can hardly tell. Bonus? This wrap style is office-appropriate.

For a first sewing challenge (first since I was about 15, anyway), this actually isn't too bad. But I won't be posting a tutorial until I make my second attempt. With stretchier fabric, better measurements and, hopefully, a few lessons learned from the last go-around.



  1. I love it! Who cares if it's not perfect, it was your first attempt and I think it looks great! Yay for EBEW!

  2. This dress looks gorgeous and I can't even see any of the flaws you pointed out. If I attempted anything like this it would be far, far, far worse. Love it! :D

  3. It's looking pretty good from here, Emma! This actually makes me want to make one, I love the way you've configured it. Plus, black with red accents is just so classy.

    Also, skirts that are longer in the back are trendy right now. ;)

  4. Way cute, I keeping meaning to try to make one of these dresses. They are so simple but so versatile. Yours looks pretty great.

  5. Cute! I had intended to make one of these for a wedding I'm going to this weekend, but that didn't happen. It seems like such a big endeavor with all that fabric.

    I hear ya on the back of the skirt being longer than the front. That happened with my DIY skirt today, too.

  6. WOW! I have been wanting one of these dresses for so long! I think you're overly critical - I think it looks great! I can't wait for the tutorial!

  7. How fantastic...did you make the pattern yourself? I've always been tempted to buy a convertable dress...never even thought to make one!

    Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired

  8. That's such a cute dress! It looks like a pattern I've seen online a few times. I can't see any flaws, haha you did a great job!


  9. It looks perfect to me! Maybe that's because I can't sew at all! I should start learning...

  10. That sounds like a such a good idea, being able to wrap it so many ways. It looks great! I'd never know there were any problems with it.

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