Thursday, October 13, 2011

Le sigh

It appears that I can no longer wear black pants. Spaz is mostly white, and apparently she sheds like there's no tomorrow. So these black slacks I'm wearing today? Covered in white hair. Lovely.

Here's the outfit I wore to my parents' anniversary party/vow renewal. It's the eShakti dress I reviewed at the end of September. Usually I wouldn't post a repeat outfit, but I wanted y'all to see how I figured out the straps-are-too-long situation. My original plan was to cut and resew them, but my grandma convinced me to just cut them, since the material is a jersey knit that doesn't fray. And she was absolutely right...I love the way this looks!

dress: c/o eShakti
shoes: Buckle
necklace: gift from Matt

Please ignore the sweaty hair and the apparent water stain on the front of the dress that I just this second noticed. I was helping my family tear down the reception site; someone else had rented the room right after us and we had to hustle out of there.

Oh, and speaking of my grandma, last night she helped me finish making the curtains for my bedroom! I took plenty of photos, so I'm going to spend the weekend working on a tutorial (among other time-consuming projects, and work of course...ugh). I'm hoping to have a post up sometime next week!


  1. The color on this top is really flattering on you, great that you figured out a way to make the straps work for you :)

  2. the dress looks great!! Well done on the creativity!

  3. HA! I feel your pain on the white fur! My cat is completely white and sheds EVERYWHERE!!!!

    Cute dress!!

  4. I love this dress ties in the back! Definitely a good call on your grandma's part. :)

  5. Love the dress this way! It looks very pretty on you! :)


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