Friday, October 14, 2011

Well, you snooze you lose.

Ah, have truer words ever been spoken? I should have gone ahead and bought the Target buy-one-get-one-half-off boots I really wanted when I first blogged about them. But instead I hemmed and hawed (what a silly phrase, but I kind of like it, haha) and as a result, I am ultimately disappointed.

I wanted the Kailey faux-leather boots in black and cognac. But when I went to add them to my cart, the 50% discount didn't apply, because they both had been put on sale for a measly $5 off! So disappointed. But, not to be outwitted by a stupid sale, I bought the Kailey boots in dark brown:

Source: via Emma on Pinterest

...and leopard print flats! Which were only $6! Yayyyyyy!

Source: via Emma on Pinterest

I figure, the other boots I wanted are on sale for $30 now. I allow myself to spend $30 a week. And I try to save at least $100 a week from my waitressing job. I'm working Saturday night and Sunday during one of the NFL games. Maybe the stars will align, I'll make a little extra cash, and I can be a brat and get the other pairs I want. Or at least the black ones, because my faux-suede black ones are falling apart. Sadface.

You'll notice there's no real Fiscal Fridays post today. I've decided to make it an occasional thing, maybe a couple times a month, instead of every week. As always, if there's a question you want answered or a topic you think I should cover, email me at verbal{dot}melange{at}gmail{dot}com.

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  1. oooh I love the leopard flats! i've been looking for a similar pair.


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