Friday, March 16, 2012

Fiscal Fridays: Resources

I am a die-hard subscriber to Real Simple magazine. And when I got it in the mail this week, I was super excited about the cover: it featured a wad of cash and teasers about the money-saving tips within.


I'm not going to summarize or reprint the tips they covered in the issue (Because, you know, plagiarism. And copyright law.), but I will strongly reccommend that you go pick up a copy this weekend and give it a read. Some of the tips are no-brainers, and some didn't even apply to me (woohoo for no college loans!) but for the most part, the advice is really sound and really useful.

Flip through the rest of the magazine, too...there's a section with tips on how long you can keep goods refrigerated/frozen and how to best store them, which will probably cut down your grocery bill pretty significantly when all your food stops going bad. Just skip the fashion section, because helloooooo, $250 for a T-shirt? You must be insane.

And make sure you check out the money section of their website too, for articles from past issues and other tips.

Note: I was not paid, perked or otherwise compensated for this post. I just really, really like the magazine and the advice it has to offer.


  1. ahhh! I have a subscription to real simple too! Destiny!

  2. Thanks for the tip. I'm a voracious reader of magazines and haven't heard of this one yet, so I'll go right out and get one.

    Also, I just sent you an e-mail which I hope gets to you; I forgot to save your e-mail address and am using the one on this blog.


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