Monday, March 19, 2012

Random and therefore untitled

I woke up this morning and all I could think was, "Hunger Games opens this week!" I'm a bit of a geek, I know. The worst part is, I should probably lower my expectations. Book adaptation movies usually disappoint me. But I can't help it...the book is just so fascinating (if you ignore the annoying, Twilight-esque love triangle, in my opinion). I'm going with a bunch of friends to see the midnight showing Thursday night/Friday morning. Can't wait!



sweater, skinnies: thrifted
boots, socks: Target
necklace: Forever 21 or H&M?

I wore this outfit just a few short weeks ago, when sweaters were seasonably appropriate. Now, they're calling for record-breaking highs this week (In the 80s!! That's July weather!!) and we've had a few summer-esque thunderstorms already. Like last night, when we saw torrential downpours, hail (!!!) and our window actually started leaking. Oh, not to mention the tornado sirens going off for like half an hour. Yuck.

But this isn't a weather blog, so abrupt subject change comin' atcha. See these pink pants? I got them for a dollar last fall for EBEW's colored pants challenge. But they were this weird stretchy material that was just a tad too short and strangely flared at the legs, bell-bottom style. So I took 'em to my grandma, who expertly turned them into skinny jeans. (We used this technique that I found via Pinterest.) It was so cute...she kept asking if I was sure I wanted them to be that tight. They're almost like leggings, because the material's so stretchy, so I said yes. And I'm sooooo in love with them! Expect to be seeing more of these babies, sans boots, as spring progresses.

And finally, you may have noticed a little tweak to the layout. (The first of many over the next few months, I think.) The new column on the left has various groupings of tags (a la Elaine, sort of) to help you (and me, hehe) find certain items or posts easier. What do you think? Convenient or just a waste of space? Be more specific, or less? Make a separate section for money stuff, decor stuff and DIY stuff instead of lumping them all together? Weigh in with your comments :)


  1. Super cute outfit! Love the pink pants - great job grandma! :)

    I personally wouldn't use the labels but they don't bother me being there. Does that help? haha :P

  2. The pink legging/pants are a lot of fun. We TOTALLY got caught out in that rainstorm/hail flurry on Saturday. It was crazy out I'm not surprised it made it all the way up to Columbus.
    Can't say I'm a huge fan of the link clouds. I see what you are going for but if you could limit the number of tags that show up to the most popular, or put them on their own page I think it would look cleaner on your main site.

    1. I had a thought earlier today. Can you put them into a tabbed widget? Is that a thing that is available on blogspot? Then you wouldn't have to see then all at once.

  3. What a great pair of refashioned pants- the colour is fab and I also love your necklace! I'm someone who sees labels, thinks they're a great idea but never get around to it myself. I think the less labels, the better.


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