Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Guess what's coming up!

A while back, I had this great idea that I'd post a week-long series of "things you didn't know about me"-type lists during the week before my one-year bloggiversary. Well, guess what Sunday is (besides Easter). Yup. It's the one-year anniversary of my first blog post. So much for a week of posts. But I can at least do a few days' worth before, and maybe a day or two after :) And don't worry, I'll still do outfit posts all week as well! So without further ado...



shirt: New York & Company
wrap thingy: Marshall's
skirt, heels: thrifted
necklace: Forever 21

(These were partially taken from a blogger Q&A that was floating around the internet for a bit...then I added some questions of my own.)

1. Paperback or e-book reader?
Six months ago, I would have said paperback all the way. Since I got a Kindle for Christmas, I’ve been doing a lot more e-reading. What I’ve come to find is that e-books are fine for short novels, memoirs, trashy romances, etc. But when it comes to my favorites—from literary greats like East of Eden to pop culture phenomena like the Harry Potter series—I’ll never give up my ability to dogear, doodle in the margins and just plain hold the dang book.

2. Summer or winter?
Summer, dear God, summer. Winter is pretty much the bane of my existence.

3. What is your comfort food?
Ha, I have so many. Anything with a lot of butter or cheese. I love me some fatty diary products.

4. Which fashion trend would you never wear?
Probably Peter Pan collars, peplum skirts or intense color blocking (bright blue with bright green, hot pink with orange, etc).

5. Which is the next place you would like to travel to?
Again, so many! Matt and I have this dream of backpacking through Europe for two or three weeks in lieu of a traditional beachy honeymoon. Of course, I wouldn’t say no to a trip to the Bahamas, either ;)

6. What are your wardrobe staples?
My leopard print flats, for sure. I wear those shoes more days a week than all my other ones combined! Also my Guess jeans, they’re the only ones that fit perfectly. If we’re talking generics, then I’d say striped shirts, skinny jeans, blazers and statement necklaces.

7. Who is your most favorite person in the whole world?
This isn’t even a fair question, because I’m surrounded by so many amazing people. I guess, if I had to choose just ONE, I’d probably say my mom. That woman is my hero. Of course, my dad, siblings and Matt all tie for a VERY close second place!


  1. love this look - very classy and chic! Great to learn new things too! XO

  2. Congrats on your bloggerversary!

  3. Ooh this is so fun! First of all congrats on the anniversary of your blog! Second, it's so much fun to learn more about the bloggers behind the blog.

    I totally feel the same way - I could do without winter. Or maybe one snow-fall and then back to warm temperatures. I hate the cold and pretty much shut-down during those freezing months.
    Also, I wouldn't be able to wear a peter pan collar. It's one of those trends that I don't entirely "get". But that's just my opinion! And you can never go wrong with leo print flats ;)


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