Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Creepy crawlies

If you know anything about me, it should be that I'm terrified of bugs. Anything with more than four legs pretty much freaks me the heck out. Spiders, centipedes, nameless insects that creep into your kitchen and startle you by sitting menacingly on the wall above the fridge when you're trying to unwind with a good ep of How I Met Your Mother. Needless to say, the latter manifested itself last night.

I just happened to glance into the kitchen when I saw it. Not 20 feet from where I sat was this disgusting little thing with a flat, half-inch long body. Just chilling on my wall like it belonged there. Like it knew I'd be cool with an extra roommate. No. Thank. You. So after a cool shriek (I'm so laid back, I know), I tiptoed into the kitchen to find the spider spray. You know the kind, it has a spray with a range of five feet so you don't have to get too close to the abomination that's invading your space.

First shot. I missed by about six inches, underestimating the force of the spray itself. Second shot, nailed it. And the damn thing fell, still wiggling, behind the fridge.



shirt, khakis: Old Navy
vest: thrifted
shoes: Target

Not entirely sure how I feel about this vest. I liked it a lot when I bought it for 50 cents at the thrift store, but the front panel is made from a semi-itchy wool blend that stretches up behind my neck. And after seeing it in photos, I don't think I like the color combinations that much either. What do you think?

But wait! The bug story isn't over. I won't go into the agonizing detail of the next 15 minutes, but they definitely involved me crouching in the kitchen with a flashlight, trying to peer behind the fridge and spray a bug that just would not die. It had to be some mutant thing that was half-immune to poison. I got the little creeper eventually, though. Then I had to wash my wall, because you know something? Spider-poison stains paint.

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