Monday, April 2, 2012

The new leaf

After Saturday's post about promising to not let negativity get the best of me, I actually had a really wonderful weekend. We grilled out and watched the OSU Final Four game with a bunch of friends (even though it was a heart-breaking loss, I'm proud of our boys! Go Bucks!) and went downtown to the outdoor climbing wall to get in a few good routes. It was lovely.

It was actually pretty easy to be positive and in a good mood this weekend. But like all good things, the weekend had to end and here we are at Monday. Matt just left for a five-day business trip in Texas; the longest one he's been on since he started this job. In fact, this week will be the longest we've been apart since I was a junior in college and had to spend winter break at my parents' house. And while it's definitely easier to be happy when he's around, I'm not going to let this (and the whole stressful job situation I mentioned on Saturday) get the best of me. Positivity!



blazer, tights: Target
blouse: The Limited
skirt, pumps: thrifted
watch: Walmart
necklace: gifted from Matt

I wore this for my job interview back in January. I was going to save it and post when I had an official start date, but I got tired of waiting. Plus, pretty soon all my photos will be outdoor shots, so I'm trying to get rid of the inside ones now.

This actually isn't the first interview I've had in the past six months. I wore this outfit way back in October to an interview for a job that I didn't end up getting. That's okay though. I know I'll like this new opportunity, when I finally get started with it, more than I ever would have enjoyed the job that I didn't get.

I'm thinking I might make that outfit my "first day at a new job" one, actually. It's one of my favorite professional styles that have appeared on this blog. Positivity! This week could be the week! And if it's not, well, that's okay too. Some things are worth waiting for.


  1. I love this skirt! The buttons at the top of it are so fun, I have one kind of similar and I love it as well!

  2. Don't you look special! Love the buttons on the skirt. And the top is cute, too. Hope you're mood is lifting.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Also you may know Kentucky & Louisville faced off also. Everyone in my town was really excited. And we watch the Muppet movie and played video games.

  4. Yay for good weekends. Love the outfit - that top is super pretty on you. Great for a job interview I'd say! Hope you get the good news soon :)


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