Monday, April 23, 2012

Firsts and lasts

So Sunday night, I go to write and schedule a post to go up this morning. Because I'm starting my new job today (eep!) and don't want to risk missing my bus because I'm busy blogging. Which is totally something I would do. Anyway, I was completely startled to see Blogger's new format. It's very...interesting. Other Blogger users out there, what do you think?


shirt: Old Navy
vest, necklace: thrifted
jeans: Guess via Macy's
flats: Target
bracelets: gifted and don't remember

So this is my last long-hair photo. It's also the outfit I wore to my last day of work at the magazine. Not gonna lie, smiling for these photos was pretty rough...I only had these two out of about a dozen that turned out decent. It was a really great job, and I'm going to miss it and my coworkers (especially them) very much. But at the same time, I'm so excited for my first day at the new job, too! It's going to be great :)

In other news, I just started reading The Bloggess' book, Let's Pretend This Never Happened. It is so. Freaking. Hysterical. Thank you, Jenny Lawson, for existing. You are a true entertainer.


  1. Oh heavens...I didn't know Jenny Lawson had a book out because I live under a rock. Anyway, just popped over and read the preview. I spent the last ten minutes reading it, doing the most disgusting series of snort-laughs you've ever seen. Thanks for the book tip :)

    Best of luck on your new job! You will be great! :)

  2. Good luck at the new job! I'm sure you'll do great.
    Also looks like you are getting a back deck ;)

  3. This outfit is SO cute. I love it :) And I hope the first day went well.
    I haven't seen the new format yet - I think they're rolling it out slowly because someone tweeted about it last week... I want to seeee!


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