Thursday, April 19, 2012

In which Emma experiences still more DIY setbacks

I'm beginning to think I'm not really the best person for DIY projects. I get fantastic ideas, but I get too excited and dive head-first into them without proper research and planning. And they usually don't turn out as awesome in real life as they were in my head. Of course, if the walls in my house were straight, and the corners were proper 90 degree corners, diving into projects might work out a little better.



blazer, skinnies, heels: thrifted
tank: The Limited

Growing up, my dad built a lot of things. So you'd think that DIYing and building and all of that jazz would be in my blood. To this day, I still can hear him lecturing to "measure twice, cut once." Too bad he never said "measure twice, hammer once" or something like wall would probably have a lot fewer holes in it :)

On an unrelated note...can you BELIEVE how blue the sky is in that top photo? And other than a nudge of white balance, that photo is not retouched. Gorg.


  1. I am the WORST at DIY. Good lord, I'm awful. Just too eager to start, which leads to not having proper supplies or measurements and just substituting whatever's around at the moment. Or I get halfway done and lose interest. Whoooops.

    And...if only you could see my walls. Holes for days... :)

    That sky is amazing! And I love your colored pants. Adorable.

  2. Oh man! I hate it when DIYs don't go as planned. Sorry!

    On a happier note, I love those coral colored pants! They're beautiful and a perfect fit!

  3. You look gorgeous! I love this outfit. You know I love those pants - they rock. I can't believe so much of this is thrifted. nice job!


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