Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Achievement earned!






shirt, skirt: thrifted
boots: Target
necklace: gifted

Yes, I just pretty much compared my life to a video game. And I'll explain. But first, a few things about these photos:
- They are crazy old. Hence the bare legs. And the reddish, not-yet-re-dyed hair.
- My friend Chasity shot these, only we used my camera instead of hers. So while the pics are still better than my self-shot images, my camera can't compare to the awesomeness that is hers. See for yourself, here and here.
- I apparently can't resist getting "the butt shot" in pencil skirts. Proof.

But as for this achievement. Yesterday, as you may or may not know, was Cyber Monday. Basically a more humane version of Black Friday, in which we can get all the deals from the comfort of our couches, without waiting for hours in line, freezing our butts off, missing Thanksgiving or, you know,getting trampled half to death. Anyway, I decided to do all of my Christmas shopping last night. I already had my entire list ready to go, thanks to Pinterest-secret-board method, so I grabbed my credit card and my laptop and got to it. Two hours, $300 and 15 transactions later, I entered my card number for my second-to-last purchase. And it didn't work. I retyped it and tried it on a different site. Still no dice. That's right, I used my credit card to death. Had to put the rest on my debit. ULTIMATE SHOPPING WIN!

For any of you who follow my Fiscal Fridays and the whole path-to-being-debt-free thing I'm doing (hi Dad!), don't worry. I only charged the gifts out of convenience; I'm paying the whole thing off (every cent of every purchase!) when I get paid on Friday. Savvy shopper right here! Except for the whole credit-card-being-declined-from-overuse thing. That's not so savvy.


  1. Love the cute pose in the last photo. Glad you got your shopping done.

  2. Nice! that's awesome you were able to get through your Christmas list on awesome deals! Sucks about your credit card not working though :P Sounds like you DID use it to death! And that pencil skirt is so flattering!


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