Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Favorite things



sweater, skinnies: H&M
shoes: Target
necklace: InPink (giveaway win)

Guys, like me introduce you to my new favorite outfit.

It seems like every season I have one or two outfits or pieces that I wear constantly on repeat. I only post them here once, because it would be boring to re-post every time I wore it, but trust me when I say I'm probably wearing it at least once every week or two. This fall/winter, I'm re-wearing this.

The sweater and skinnies were actually copycat purchases. My sister Anna was wearing the sweater at our last family gathering, and I am not lying when I say that I nearly snuck into her room at night to steal it. Fortunately, there was one (ONE!!) left in stock at my H&M. Major score. And I've been wanting a pair of olive skinnies ever since I saw Audrey wearing them. This was only compounded when my friend Hayley rocked a pair one casual Friday.

So I wore this to work one Friday, and I wore it again with my moto-esque ankle boots to run some errands. And again to run errands. And I've basically been lounging in this sweater nonstop in the evenings...Now I'm wishing the store had had two in stock. I'm getting the feeling I might wear this thing right out!

What favorite pieces are you wearing on repeat this season?

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  1. Fabulous pieces, no wonder it's a favorite of yours.

    I want to cry "No fair!" about you wearing makeup that enhances your appearance. Since you start out looking beautiful before you put it on, with it you glide past the rest of us. There oughta be a law that girls as pretty as you aren't allowed to wear makeup so the rest of us can catch up.

  2. I love the outfit - I can see why it's on repeat! Olive skinnies are so awesome for fall.

  3. i can see why you keep wearing this outfit! it's the PERFECT combination of slouchy and tailored! and that sweater looks so amazingly comfy!

    dash dot dotty


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