Friday, November 22, 2013




sweater: thrifted
sleeveless button-down: New York & Company
skinny khakis: Old Navy
boots: Target

I think one of my least-favorite things about Ohio fall/winter (besides the dreariness, the cold and the inconsistent temps that mean you're freezing in the morning and sweating under your down jacket in the evening) is that it forces me inside for blog photos. It's usually too dim for me to take outfit photos before work, and it's practically full-on dark by the time I get home. And I usually don't have the time to document my outfits throughout the week and re-shoot them on the weekend. Le sigh.

At least these are starting to get better. I don't have any kind of professional lighting equipment, of course; it's just me and my cheap-o detachable flash (though for the price, it works pretty dang well).

The other day I was talking about favorite things and outfits on repeat. I get the feeling that variations of this outfit will be on repeat this winter as well. Umm, business casual AND pants-tucked-into-boots? Yes, please! It's boring, but hey. It meets dress code and it keeps my feet warm and dry. Win-win, if you ask me.

Hey P.S. My spa day giveaway ends this weekend. If you're in/near Columbus, make sure you get your entries in!


  1. I feel your pain. I'm usually forced to take pictures indoors while I yearn to do them outside. I look at my pretty backyard and want to shoot there, but it would upset the neighbors and then that would upset other people...

    1. :( That really sucks. As a kid, I hated privacy fences in backyards. As an adult, I think they're godsends!

  2. DUDE. Indoor photo win. Wellllll done!


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