Thursday, March 20, 2014

Big feels and clothing woes




sweater/blouse combo: Express via Discount Fashion Warehouse
skinnies: The Limited via DFWh
boots: gifted (but they're from Old Navy)

So this sweater/blouse combo thing is actually one top. The blouse-y bit is a sheer tank top that's sewed to the sweater at the shoulders. It's way cute, and really comfortable, but holy crap is it proving to be a pain. First, it's way sheer in the back, so I have to wear a nude cami under it to avoid showing the world my bra. Or at least, I have to do that if I want to wear this to work. Which I did a few Fridays ago. Second, the fact that the sheer bit is only attached at the shoulders means putting this thing on takes like 10 minutes, between untangling and pulling it over my head and getting my arms in the right places. I feel a bit like a toddler learning to get dressed. Third, it's "hand wash only" and HELLO I can barely bring myself to do regular laundry every week, let alone wash something by hand. I wore this outfit like three weeks ago and this sweater is still sitting in my laundry pile, smirking at me. I think I'm just going to throw it in the wash on the "delicate" cycle (and then air dry it) and hope for the best. Seriously, hand-washing clothes: Ain't nobody got time for that.

And ugh can we talk about how beat up these boots are? I got them for Christmas two (or three?) years ago (thanks, Mom!) and I've worn them at least once or twice a week every fall and winter since. I love them. I'm not ready to let them go. Poll time: Is it worth it to pay someone to re-sole a pair of Old Navy boots that, let's face it, probably cost less than $50 to buy in the first place?

In other news, holy crap it's nearly the end of March and I'm about to be hit with a quintfecta of work-related stress-triggers. Yes, I said quintfecta. It's like a trifecta, only there's five things and none of them have to do with racing. That's how serious this is. It requires the creation of new and weird words. Long story short, I have to put out two newsletters, meet two freelance deadlines and send an email blast in the next two and a half weeks. Sooooo...once again, I may be sporadic around here. I'm getting better at saying no to extra projects, I swear. This is actually my workload after I've said no to one or two things.

P.S. I just looked back over this before posting and there is a LOT of weird emphasis in this post. I guess I just have a lot of big feels today...


  1. You've sure gotten your money's worth out of these boots. They're worn to the bone. They are very cute so, if you want to keep wearing them, repair work may be worthwhile. Then again, you now have an excuse to buy a new pair (which is what I'd do).

  2. I like the way you think :) I went shopping last weekend to try to nab some clearance-priced boots for next season, but I was way too late. Got some great deals on winter coats, though!


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