Monday, March 24, 2014

Butt kicking weekend

If you read that post title in a positive tone (as in, I kicked butt this weekend!) I'm gonna go ahead and stop you right there. Rewind. 'Twas my tush that got tackled.

It started innocently enough. I went to the grand opening of the Marmi store at Easton (more on that later this week, promise) and a little fish-fry dinner that my friend's parents hosted for a bunch of us. Matt and I got home around 10, and I promptly fell asleep on the couch. I didn't think too much of the super-early bedtime, blaming the wine and a long week.

Saturday we got up early to take my car to the garage; a teeny tiny leak in my power steering line had progressed to a full-blown, actual leak, so I figured it was time to stop topping off the power steering fluid every few weeks and just get the hose replaced already. Except it wasn't just the hose anymore. All those months of me "just topping it off" (ugh I know, don't tell me, Procrastination Queen right here) wound up seriously ruining the pressure in my entire power steering system. So now it all needs to be replaced. The whole. Damn. Thing. On top of that, two of my tires had impact bubbles from hitting potholes and were at serious risk of blowing out. They were really old (they came with the car when I bought it four years ago) so I decided to let them replace them as well. Total bill? Upwards of $1,400, all told.

And poof, there went the chairs, armoire and sectional I had been planning to purchase this spring. Not to mention some of my savings on top of that. I honestly can't think about it too much because I just get too pissed off. Our couch really sucks.

(To be fair, I know that this isn't that big of a deal and I should consider myself fortunate that I'm able to swing a surprise bill that high. But our couch really, really sucks.)

The rest of the weekend is a blur of being exhausted/achy/migraine-y, dragging myself to dance rehearsal and the grocery store (with Matt's help, because I still am carless), and falling asleep on the couch half an hour into what was supposed to be a Netflix marathon. The latter happened more than once.

Long story short? My bank account is devastated and I'm probably sick with the mumps, Lime disease from playing in the woods two weekends ago or just some plain ol' flu-type-thing. Psh.

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  1. Sorry to hear, bud. Sometimes life just sucks.


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