Thursday, June 19, 2014

T-shirt style




T-shirt: Old Navy
skirt: JCPenney
heels: Target

Guys, can we just talk a second about how awesome T-shirts are? Seriously though. They're comfortable, versatile and basically the first item on every "closet staples" list ever made. I love T-shirts; I have more than I could count. A lot are stuffed in drawers--those are the shapeless participation shirts from races, the concert tees that cost $40 but somehow seem worth it, the annual show tops from my marching band and theatre and Greek life days. (Don't get any ideas; I wasn't in a sorority but I did join a couple co-ed scholastic fraternities in college.) Those tees are great, and I love them, but they're usually more sentimental than stylish and are worn more often as PJs or workout tops than as blog-worthy outfits. (Though one has made a couple of appearances around these parts; also, you're welcome for the linkback to the hilariously bad three-year-old post from the very early days of VM.)

But where the shapeless, unflattering T-shirts tend to flop, a nice fitted tee almost never fails. I have many 10 or 15 such tops in various colors and basic patterns, and of course I'm always snapping up "just one more." I think my favorite way to wear them is dressed up for work. It feels like of like cheating the dress code, while still looking professional. But seriously...comfort AND classy attire? Ultimate win.

The key to dressing up a tee for work, I think, is to make sure the rest of your outfit is ultra-polished. Find bottoms that you can tuck the tee into and that compliment the form-fitting-ness of the tee. If I were wearing this outfit with pants, I'd go for a wider leg or maybe some dress capris. If you can add a coordinating belt, you're good to go. (I didn't have any such belt for this outfit, unfortunately, but I think it works nonetheless.) Of course, heels and pearls or another classy statement necklace always lend a sophisticated air to an otherwise casual piece.

How do you like to style your T-shirts?


  1. Yep! Tees with shape are the best. When I don't really feel like I getting dressed for work, I put on EXACTLY what you're wearing above. A structured skirt and fitted tee. Comfort level to the max.

  2. Sorry to go off-topic but WHOA! I love your skirt!
    Lately I've been studying pencil skirts closely for their many attractions and you wear one like a pro. I don't know how conscious you are of your femininity but this skirt displays it in all its glory.

  3. You know, I totally forgot to shoot the back of this skirt, which is the best part. Fortunately, I captured it a while back (in my pre-nice-camera days, so forgive the quality ;) haha!) Here it is:

  4. Comfort disguised as professional FTW!


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