Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Today is my birthday and I'm riding hiiiiiigh

I have been waiting to use those Lorde lyrics for like four months. True story. Anyway. Yesterday I promised my updated 26 in 26 list, and here it is!


So like I said yesterday, I had some items from last year that didn't get done that totally need to get done. So the first chunk of my list consists of those items, tweaked as needed. The rest is new or an advancement of something I did last year!

1. Lead-climb the arch route at the Audubon
2. Get at least one of the tattoos on my list
3. Get furniture that I’m not embarrassed of (Priorities: couch, entryway closet, living room chairs)
4. Visit the Columbus Zoo
5. Visit the Franklin Park Conservatory
6. Go white-water rafting
7. Visit all three of my out-of-our-parents’-house sisters at least once (One in South Carolina, one in “wherever she moves when she lands a job,” and one in Athens, Ohio)
8. Make Julia Child’s boeuf bourginon
9. Beef up my camping gear (Priorities: hiking boots, sleeping pad)

10. Beef up my climbing gear (Priorities: PAS, quickdraws, crash pad, outdoor rope)
11. Toprope a 10a at the Red or the New
12. Learn how to clean a route
13. Climb or boulder somewhere new
14. Perform in a dance piece in front of an audience
15. Visit a new city
16. Visit another new city
17. Visit a new country
18. Get married!
19. Do a photo-a-day project (365 days!)
20. See a band/artist I like in concert
21. Go to a beach
22. Make a dress
23. Make a skirt
24. Tackle at least one project a month from either my “Seriously...get on this” Pinterest board or my general house to-do list.
25. One locally owned restaurant/bar per month (no repeats)
26. Be able to do at least three pull-ups

Like last year, some of these will be easy. I already have plans to go white-water rafting later this month, and if that dang boeuf bourginon doesn't happen this year I swear I'll never cook again. I also have solid plans in place for numbers 14-21, so those shouldn't be too far of a stretch. Overall, I'm pretty excited about what this year will bring. If nothing else, I'll wrap up 26 as a new person, in a way, as I'll be changing to my married name before this time next year. (OMG WHAT???)

Do you make a "# in #" list, or are you thinking about doing it for your next birthday? What items are/would be on your list?


    Damn girl!!! You got your list all ready to go!! Mad impressive!

  2. How 'bout you visit New York?! Happy Birthday!


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