Monday, June 16, 2014

Wrapping up the 25 in 25

Last year, I copied Sydney and made a list of 25 things I wanted to do/experience during my 25th year. Today is the last day of said year, so I thought I'd do a little recap of what I did/didn't get done. And tomorrow, I'll debut my 26 in 26!

1. Become debt-free
2. Get a DLSR and learn how to use it
3. Visit a new city
4. Lead-climb the arch route at the Audubon
5. Build up three to six months’ worth of emergency living expenses
6. Pick out an engagement ring
7. Start a savings account/fund for Matt's and my wedding
8. Visit all three of my sisters at least once (One in South Carolina, one in Bowling Green, Ohio, and one in Athens, Ohio, at my alma mater)
9. Get at least one of the tattoos on my list
10. Finish up my ear piercings (one more on each side)
11. Go white water rafting
12. Get furniture that I’m not embarrassed of (Priorities: couch, bed frame)
13. Lead-climb a 5.9 route at the Red River Gorge (or I guess the New River Gorge)
14. Do a 5k (Note I did not say "run" a 5k...I just need to complete one haha)
15. Do more “pay it forward” stuff (No post on this, in keeping with the spirit of random acts of kindness/paying it forward.)
16. Visit the Columbus Zoo
17. Visit the Franklin Park Conservatory
18. See at least one of my favorite bands perform live (No post on this, but I saw Jake Bugg just this weekend and he was awesome.)
19. Go to the ballet (Again, no post about seeing the Shadowbox/Verb Ballets Edgar Allen Poe-themed collaboration the other month, but it was siiiiiiick.)
20. Go to the symphony
21. Learn to sew (My grandma's been coaching me on how to use the sewing machine Matt's mom gave me. I'm getting there!)
22. Sample more of Columbus' independently owned restaurants and bars
23. Beef up my camping gear (Priorities: backpack, hiking boots, sleeping pad)
24. Make Julia Child’s boeuf bourginon
25. Learn to moon-walk! (I know how to do it and sometimes it looks okay, but I'm no pro!)

Some of the items I can't believe I haven't done, like making that boeuf bourginon. I had 52 weeks to make that dish, which would have been excellent during this long, cold, awful winter, and I didn't do it. So dumb. Or going to the zoo or conservatory; there's no excuse for neglecting those things! Seriously! So a few of the un-done items are going back on my list for my 26 in 26. Other things simply were de-prioritized in light of other events, like building up lots of savings or buying camping gear taking a backseat to the whole "getting our deposits in to wedding vendors" situation. Priorities. (Yes, I know, not having an established savings account with three to six months of expenses isn't very fiscally responsible. But neither is paying twice as much for a last-minute-booked vendor because all the economical ones booked early. Just sayin'.)

Do you set annual goals for yourself, on your birthday or maybe New Year's? What kinds of goals or experiences are on your list?


  1. White water rafting should definitely stay on the next list! Do it this summer! Its was the scariest most exciting thrilling thing I've ever done.

  2. Good accomplishments. It's valuable to set goals but don't be too tough on yourself. Feel proud of what you achieve; don't regret what you don't. Life is to be savored.


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