Wednesday, July 30, 2014

What the heck, camera?

Okay you guys, I think I am seriously losing my mind. After a year of getting my tripod self-shot outfit photos to focus with little issue, I suddenly can't anymore. Seriously. The ability is gone. I am so frustrated, I could scream.

So here's my setup. I have my regular tripod, and I have a crappy tripod with a clipboard attached to the top. I set the crappy tripod up and position my camera, on the regular tripod, at the desired distance. I focus on the clipboard. Maybe take a few test shots. Then I switch to remote-release mode and take stand where the crappy tripod/clipboard was. Before, it worked like a charm. And now, for no apparent reason, it just doesn't.

What am I doing wrong?

My remote doesn't do the auto-focus point thing that some other remotes do (it's a cheapy from Amazon), but that never was a problem before.

I've tried changing my focus area and my autofocus mode, and I've even tried switching to manual focus after I've gotten the auto-lock on the clipboard. Nothing. Works.

I'm shooting with a Nikon D3000. Any advice or ideas would be most appreciated. Please hurry, before I pull all my hair out in frustration.

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