Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Deck those halls

Most of the time, I just can't get into seasonal decorating. I can't help but feel like it's a little pointless to put up decorations that you're just going to take down again in a few weeks. So getting around to putting up our Christmas usually takes a while. But once I do get started, I tend to actually have a lot of fun setting up the tree, decorating the mantle and throwing garlands on everything.

This year, I snagged an unlit six-foot tree at Target for $15...a vast improvement over the tree we've used the last few years. (We used it last year too, I promise, I just didn't post a pic apparently.) Anyway, now our house feels more like a real grown-up home, I think.




So the way our place is set up, there's two living rooms. The front door opens right into the front living room, and the middle living room separates the front one from the kitchen and also leads to upstairs. Those shots above are taken from the stairs; here's a shot of them from right next to the tree:


I also tackled our mantle!



My sweet friend Ally sends me the sweetest ornaments. The photo above is of one she sent last year; it's heavy and I like to display it safely. This year, she sent a lovely replica faberge egg from the gift shop at the Met. She lives outside Manhattan and I love how her ornaments always have a tie to the city.





I had fun playing around to shoot and edit these photos; it's amazing how much faster/better I've gotten at adjusting my settings to fit the scene. (If anyone's wondering, I got that faded VSCOcam effect using part of this tutorial.)

Do you decorate for each season, or just the holidays, or not at all? Do you dread it until you get started like me, or are you one of the "It's November 1st let's put up the tree!!!" types a la this mom?


  1. Ooh! What lovely pictures! Your photography keeps improving.
    And it's fun to decorate for the holidays. It puts us in a good mood. I did some decorating last night and, this morning, just seeing it made me smile.
    Nice to see pictures of the interior of your home. I don't recall ever seeing it before.

  2. Thank you! I did a few house tour posts last year (,, and, and I'm planning an update once I get around to finishing a few decor projects. Probably won't be until after the wedding...which is nice, because we registered for some nice decor items as well ;) hahaha

  3. Aw, thank you! I thought of you when I was doing the VSCOcam adjustments :)

  4. I love these photos! Your tree looks a lot like ours, white lights, red and white ornaments, love it!


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