Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year!

Ahh, I must still be in vacation mode because I completely neglected to post anything since Monday. I mean, I know I'm still in vacation mode, because I slept in crazy late, had a massive brunch, then laid on the couch for literally six hours yesterday. I did get dressed enough to grab some weiners at Dirty Frank's with Matt and a few friends, but then it was right back to the couch. And I wasn't even hungover. Clearly I have problems.

Anyway, in keeping with tradition, I did manage to compile my favorite outfits from 2013. There were a few months where I just couldn't narrow it down to two, so I this year I have a runner-up section as well :) Weirdly enough, all my runners-up are from late summer/early fall. Guess that's my favorite season to get dressed? Anyway, here ya go:

1-2-14a january
1 | 2

1-2-14b february
1 | 2

1-2-14c march
1 | 2

1-2-14d april
1 | 2

1-2-14e may
1 | 2

1-2-14f june
1 | 2

1-2-14g july
1 | 2

1-2-14h august
August (sorry these are so small; the originals were landscapes, not vertical like the rest)
1 | 2

1-2-14i september
1 | 2

1-2-14j october
1 | 2

1-2-14k november
1 | 2

1-2-14l december
1 | 2

1-2-14m runnerup1
Runners up July-August
1 | 2

1-2-14n runnerup2
Runners up September-October
1 | 2

Phew! Ok, so there they are! Did you make up a post of your favorite outfits from last year? Or maybe a different kind of 2013 roundup? Link to it in the comments!

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  1. Oh... this post is catnip to me! I'm such a fan of your style. I remember most of these outfits when you originally posted them and my affection for them hasn't changed. You rocked 2013. I hope the New Year treats you even better.


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